Sustainable Management

Work Ethics

“We are committed to become socially responsible.”

We are doing our best to build customers, employees and partners’ confidence in our company. In this regard, a work ethics code and relevant rules for all executives and employees were established and announced in 2014. Since then, they have become criteria in making-decisions throughout all business activities to help all those members do their responsibilities fairly and transparently.

Work Ethics Code

  • All executives and employees dedicate themselves to keep customers’ confidence by providing the best products and services.
  • All executives and employees abide by the law and work fairly and transparently.
  • Flex Plus Pak gives an equal opportunity to all members and treats them fairly on performance.
  • All executives and employees do not either require or receive any inappropriate money and goods, unfair treatments and benefits to or from other concerned parties.
  • All executives and employees do not use corporate assets for a private purpose and should put the corporate interests first if there is any conflict at work.
  • All executives and employees do not involve in any activities that could damage the company’s integrity and reputation and should behave in the manner that all partners can respect and trust.

Consultation & Whistle-blowing

  • If you witness any inappropriate or unethical activities that an executive involved, you are encouraged to report it to us immediately.
  • All information or testimony you present will not go public and remain in secret.
  • E-mail:
  • TEL: 404-542-3953