CEO Message

“We will do our best to make Flex Plus Pak a leading packaging maker to provide unique value to customers.”

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Since 1976 when, at Flex Plus Pak, we began our business in the gravure printing, we have grown as a Korea’s leading packaging maker, driven by endless efforts to develop high-functioning packaging materials and improve in-house quality control system over the past 40 years.

Such efforts led to develop electrical elements protective films in 2000, helping make our way into the industrial film business. Today, emerging as a global partner, we are producing the best quality display protective films in the Korean markets.

Going forward, we will continue to use our own experiences and make R&D efforts in order to hold our own in the industrial film arena as it h olds a lot of potentials for the future growth. Also, we will make Flex Plus Pak more socially responsible and contribute to the society as a company putting the environment first.

We have always stayed with you and will do so as we will create innovative technologies for the better."